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At JLV ENTERPRISES we strive to guarantee that our client’s digital business develops successfully. To ensure this, the website must meet certain conditions to be considered complete and efficient.

Occasionally, our clients come to us seeking to migrate their website to a different hosting service to perform appropriately. Our Web Master explains what a Digital Agency needs to fulfill this process:

There are two important aspects to consider among the various activities to be carried out in order to achieve an efficient migration:

Hosting and Domain are two different things. Domain refers to the name of the website (e.g., www.jlvbusiness.com) and Hosting refers to where the website is hosted.

When we refer to files, we mean those stored at the hosting server. Usually, a domain and hosting are purchased jointly to a Web Hosting.

If our client already has a website, our Web Master will need access to the current hosting site. If the website is not hosted, the client must give us access to the website files, as well as to the domain’s location.

Once we have both, the Web Master can point the domain to the Domain Name Server (DNS) at our JLV Host. Once we have it in our DNS, the website can be installed; that is, copy the files and data bases that compose the site.

Three things needed from a client if the website already exists in WordPress:

  • The WP-content directory (images, templates and plugins complementing the WordPress performance)
  • Export Data Base file (website texts and WordPress configuration parameters)
  • WP-Config.php file. It tells us the name of the database, the username and password of the installation database, as well as the directory in which it was previously installed. This last is optional, but having it reduces the installation time.

Once our team has all the elements to perform the migration, the client will be able to count on an updated, efficient and functional website, hosted in a new location, with a team dedicated to keep it constantly up-to-date.

What could go wrong when migrating a page not developed by JLV?

There are several elements that could make a migration fail or delay:

  • The Word Press version must be the same as the one to which the migration is intended. If it is not the same, the installation could be compromised. The person executing the migration must verify that both versions are the same.
  • If the site has plug-ins, they must be update frequently in order to avoid problems.
  • If the old hosting is different to the new (which is most likely) the process of installation must be made in the proper sequence in order to avoid damaging it and altering the webpage’s configuration.
  • Another common problem is that the web site template may lose its configuration; this depends on its creator. This would mean keeping its structure but losing its design which would require the page to be re-done.
  • Maybe the template may require stronger resources besides the regular parameters. This could result in the site, even after migrating, could still show unexpected performance problems.
  • If the site is an https and will be migrated to http or vice-versa, the process could also fail.
  • There are also the widely known viruses, worms, trojans and spywares that can damage the equipment or a network.

Before installing a page and transferring the information to a different hosting, it is paramount to scan the entire data base, as it could carry hidden files that can damage a server, resulting not only in unexpected time to reactivate it, but also the new hosting might demand the purchase of additional services such as SiteLock to prevent similar situations in the future.

Among the latest attacks there are those compromising the integrity of your web site for various reasons. There are common types of attacks such as those of the DoS kind that harm an entire server no matter what websites or services it hosts. The 3 most common are:

  • Php injection or other kinds of attacks to include malicious Script codes
  • .htaccess redirections
  • Hidden Iframes

Before migrating a website, it is important to seek expert advice with specialized company and qualified personnel to avoid wasting time, additional costs and harm to the company’s image. At JLV Enterprises we are at your side to perform these services in a timely manner while dedicating the attention every client deserves.



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