¿Is your brand actually focused on clients?

30 August, 2019
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11 March, 2020
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¿Is your brand actually focused on clients?

Some considerations for the brands in this era of dramatic changes.

When you are in charge of a brand, you may suddenly feel that you know too much and too little at once. Has this happened to you yet?

We have taken on the task of analyzing some phenomena typical of our era and paradoxically we notice that these phenomena are not being taken into consideration as much.

In recent years we have witnessed various meetings with traditional, iconic, leading brands; those types of brands that could well have their insignia on a country’s flag, those that have earned their place after years of accompanying people’s lives. We have also participated in conversations about new brands wishing to challenge the big ones or simply to gain a precious place in people’s hearts.

The issues that are usually put on the table address the obvious: the consumer is no longer faithful; we have changed. To say that our quality is good is not enough; we are exposed to a lot of information, the digital age, etc., etc., and they are all supported by rigorous quantitative reports of all kinds.

But how are we solving the elementary and basic of the Human Being?

We seldom talk about some of the issues I would like to consider today. And I say consider because the discussion is still open. We are full of methods, full of information, but we often forget that at the center of every purpose must be the people.

– People who change, move, evolve.

Ethnicities and cultures: The most ethnically diverse generation in history is growing up among us, not only because of migration, our cultural openness is so fascinating that more and more cities in the world have the opportunity to bring together people from everywhere. A global vision where rituals, beliefs and customs are mixed in an exquisite dance where identity is exalted, shared and dignified.

-New family dynamics and homes that are transformed:

Pets that are children and go to kindergarten, small families where friends are brothers and sisters and where we adopt new members without the need for a blood tie, nomadic families that decide not to have children and spend years traveling the world exploring new cultures. Nothing is written, we learned that the definition of home is given by our own dictionary and this opens up a universe of possibilities.

-We are more aware of ourselves and our environment:

New paths and reflections are put on the table. The impact of stress on our lives, the impact of our words on our environment, the impact of our waste and consumption on ourselves and the world. We are waking up to a new level of awareness and we want to act accordingly.

-We have the capacity to give openness and new meanings to elementary issues:

Pleasure, femininity, empowerment, feminism, masculinity, even freedom have today new meanings and forms of expression.

We have new ambitions: We know that we are on this plane for a limited time and we don’t want to waste it. Although each individual interprets it in his or her own way, in the end we see a collective force that gives special value to what is lived, what is traveled, what is eaten and what is experienced. Time is gold and as such we are valuing it.

Brands exist and are kept alive by and for people and not knowing our own social dynamics or simply passing through them is a mistake that will definitely, sooner or later, lead us to sign our exit letter.


The conversation is still open, and the challenge is enormously great and exciting.


In this era of constant development, the best decisions are the ones made with accurate information and knowledge of our clients.

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