EFECTO ROCKSTAR, connect with your digital tribe.

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28 February, 2020
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19 March, 2020
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EFECTO ROCKSTAR, connect with your digital tribe.

In search of constant updating on marketing and innovation, we met last February 28 with the conference “EFECTO ROCKSTAR” in Medellín – Colombia, lectured by Angela Blones, Bachelor of Audiovisual Social Communication and expert in Personal Branding, also It had the help of Leonardo Garher, who is an expert in strategic consulting for brands. It talks about a generation that seeks to have its own voice and be present on social platforms and about the number of “experts” who are based on technicalities but lose their way when they forget what the true value of a brand is.

She teaches us to minimize our businesses to its bare expression in order to understand it, to see what the differential is, to get to know our consumers. To reduce our business to its minimum expression is to have the ability to know the user and speak directly to them and to understand that branding is the essence, the soul, the voice and the values ​​that we want to communicate as a brand.

Considering that communication processes need a “sowing” period which would be the moment of brand exposure, the rewarding moment comes with the recognition of the brand we have created and nurtured over time.

Nowadays, after talking about minimizing business, micro influencers have the most credibility. They are people who have small, focused groups of users who trust what they say, who link up , who see themselves represented by the influencer and therefore believe in what the influencers show and offer on their social platforms.

We should aim at this magic and dynamic: to connect with our followers, to become part of their daily lives, even more so when we take into account that according to the figures presented, there is an average of approximately 4.39 billion Internet users daily, 3.48 million of which connect daily to different social platforms and spend 6 hours a day online, which makes it undeniable that the digital footprint has acquired relevance in the current context.

Therefore, we must be close, disruptive, constant, is with people we are talking to.  With this conference we understood better what paths we can use to communicate as a brand, to tell our story, to start being present in networks: we talked about storytelling, about the importance of personal and differential branding, of really understanding what we are doing as a business, to be able to be positioned.

Something that caused us an impact is the simplicity of the arguments, to think about what we want to be, to establish objectives that are clear and coherent with what we are looking for, considering that we must answer these basic questions:

* What do we want to be?

* Who do we want to see us?

* How do we want to be seen?

* Where do we want to be seen?

*Why? (This is where our differentiator comes in)

We must also be aware that the same objective is not intended to remain unchanged forever, the ideal is to temporarily work in each proposed objective and make it quantifiable.

To connect with users, brands need to:

* Have a defined identity

* Have a clear brand personality

* Close communication with their users

* And consider the investment fact.

This is how we show what we are, doing what we do and voicing it with our words (we are teaching them our brand “language”).

PERFECT EQUATION: Defined brand identity + Clear brand personality = Success

There are times when our social platform is not intended to generate sales, which makes it difficult for businesses to understand, since it is obvious that if I invest in creating an account, paying for beautiful images among others, I would expect to obtain tangible and immediate results. It’s up to us to show that a beautiful house does sell, and not only that, it also generates credibility and support so that the client is completely sure of what he is going to buy. This is the best option because we are talking to them in a direct, conscious way and not simply to fill their Social Space.

So, today’s blog post is about us pausing and thinking in terms of the brand, are we really communicating what we want to communicate? Maybe facing and addressing these questions might become difficult, maybe it needs expert advice and it’s OK; what’s wrong is to keep treating customers as if they were an algorithm of the latest social network, with no care or reading anything we post.

If you need expert advice on marketing do not hesitate to contact us, the JLV Enterprises team has the best tools and professionals in the field of market research and digital marketing.

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