5 March, 2019
Img Business cards


One of the most effective ways to do networking is by using business cards, which have not been nor will be replaced by the digital era. It´s an excellent method to take the first step, […]
27 February, 2019
Img Value of a Brand ambassador


Are you looking to promote your brand through social networks, but don´t really know what strategies might be useful? This 2019, we recommend including influencers and ambassadors as part of your brand, they are considered […]
19 February, 2019
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All business seeks to succeed; however, that is not always possible for many reasons. It is important to do an excellent job and fulfill the business plan, but mostly importantly, it is necessary to know […]
20 November, 2018
Black Friday best tips

Black Friday best tips and tricks to buy – JLV Enterprises

Shopping on Black Friday is tradition. Over the years, we’ve figured out some tips to really finding the best deals. There are also some other tricks we will teach you to make the day even […]
14 November, 2018
cyber monday

Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas to boost your business – JLV Enterprises

With a fully-functioning site and knowledge of the boost Cyber Monday can be to your business, all that’s left to learn are the key strategies for capitalizing on the craze. Offer a free or reduced-price […]
24 October, 2018
img social commerce

Social commerce: Las redes sociales y el comercio online

El social commerce o ecommerce social es el uso de las redes sociales en el proceso de venta online. Se trata, por tanto, de una integración de las plataformas sociales en el circuito del comercio online, ya sea como […]
17 October, 2018
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Why choosing Custom Web Development is good for your Business

In this blog we are about to tell you five reasons why custom web development can help you and your business. In the modern world, it seems inconceivable that any business would operate without some […]
19 September, 2018
Img Coffee Talk

7 Benefits of having a Corporate Image

 Here you have it! 7 Benefits of having a Corporate Image This week we bring you 7 benefits of having a corporate image that makes a statement. You will have 7 reasons to get your […]
30 August, 2018
Img Desarrollo Web

How to Manage a Remote Team

The days of a team all needing to be in the same place at the same time in order to work effectively are long gone. Today, we can work on a regular basis with colleagues […]
29 August, 2018
Img Business Meetings

What Makes a Great CEO?

It’s not the path an executive takes to the corner office, or the education, or even the age that make the difference. Researchers have found a series of traits that are consistently exhibited by top-flight […]
9 August, 2018
Img Creative Business Cards

The 24 most creative business cards

Business cards are very important when networking and letting people know about your line of work Whether you are a freelancer or in-company, networking is very important. Attending events related to your line of business, […]
24 July, 2018
Img remote team

Six people you must have in your Digital Marketing team

Working at Digital Marketing today involves many responsibilities. One of the most important is to keep up with trends, new platforms and technologies to make a brand visible. However, having all the platforms and technologies […]